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Fly tours
Among the many activities offered by our school 'Fly Tours' deserves particular attention. Youíll safely enter in the most unique way to visit our beautiful Sicily: sailing above the spectacular villages and mountains. Groups of pilots come from all over Italy, Europe and beyond - itís from 16 years, that they have explored this 'Jewel of the Mediterranean' accompanied by our expert guide and instructor Adriano Patti.

His knowledge of the micro climate and flying-sites is second to none (avoid wasting time uselessly searching for take-offs from the map without flying!) and guarantee the most amazing sites all-over Sicily; from the mountains to the sea, for experts wishing X-country to novices needing air-hours... Itís the place to be!

Except for the Summer months, (not suggested because of hot climate), in all the other months it is possible to organise a beautiful trip allowing flying from the most awesome sites of the island with our superb weather!

If the weather proves tricky...? The guide also organises alternative trips, not only to the cities but above all those places that still maintaining the antique character of our land.

Send an e-mail to: and request further information to realise a unique experience.
Fly tour reportages
Fly tour Gerhard Fisher and Fliegerclub Gastein nov 2014
Fly tour Big Bamboo/Milza ott 2014
Fly tour Ropitella ott 2014
Fly tour Club Volo Libero Ticino oct 2014
Fly tour Harti Waitl Saharian sept 2014
Fly tour Kiudi Kiudi Fly tour sept 2014
Fly tour Airzone mag 2014
Fly tour Ikarus apr 2014
Fly tour Fenix Paragliding Club apr 2014
Fly tour Bucaiolos Funko apr 2014
Fly tour Aventyrscenter mar 2014
Fly tour Oslo Paragliderklubb mar 2014
Fly tour G. Fisher's Village People feb 2014
Fly tour FlyAway feb 2014
Fly tour Brevart 12-19 ott 2013
Fly tour Gruppo vacanze Piemonte ott 2013
Fly tour Harti Waitl Mamba set 2013
Fly tour Fastani mag 2013
Fly tour "Double Slow Happy" apr 2013
Fly tour Aventyrscenter apr 2013
Fly tour LCW Mistakkio mar 2013
Fly tour G. Fisher mar 2013
Fly tour W. Zimmermann dic 2012 - gen 2013
Ninnane... beccafuma Fly tour ott 2012
Extreme Saharian Rommel Fly tour sett 2012
Fastani Fly tour mag 2012
Ikarus Fly tour apr 2012
Aventyrscenter Beer e Bacardi Fly tour mar 2012
Lcw Svizzeri Bucaioli Fly tour mar 2012
Fly tour Winwings ott 2011
Fly tour Brevart ott 2011
Fly tour Fastani mag 2011
Fly tour "Polli Ruspanti" apr 2011
Fly tour "Slow Happy" Ikarus apr 2011
Fly tour Spina Pulici (Club Pericolo generico) apr 2011
Fly tour Aventyrscenter mar 2011
Fly tour F. Tommek mar 2011
Fly tour Lee Devils Pollocane 26 feb 5 mar 2011
Fly tour Robair Gleitshirmschule nov 2010
Fly tour Ropitella nov 2010
Fly tour Touch the Sky ott. 2010
Fly tour Club Pericolo Generico ott. 2010
Fly Tour Fca maggio 2010
Fly tour les Ailes du Leman 2010
Fly tour Maggio 2010
Fly Tour Sicilia 2007
Fly Tour varesini 2006
Fly Tour Sicilia 2005
Fly Tour Sicilia maggio 2004
Fly Tour Cornizzolo 2001